We have combined the regulated and risk managed services of tenured wealth management professionals with a team of successful
founders, traders and cryptocurrency experts to create a multi-strategy investment vehicle focused on long term value and out-performance of the market

  • Hedge Fund

    Gain access to our professionally managed digital asset fund

    • Proven track record
    • Long term value investing
    • Algorithmic trading
    • Private sale ICO access








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  • Syndication

    Fully compliant syndication for exceptional investment opportunities

    • Audited capital accounts
    • Frequent asset reporting
    • Strong due diligence
    • Exclusive global membership








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  • Brokerage

    Your connection to digital asset OTC markets

    • Qualified OTC transactions
    • Liquid order books
    • Security token trading
    • Big block trading








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Traditional Investor Challenges

  • Investing into blockchain technologies is complex, difficult and plagued with misinformation
  • Cybersecurity risks are prohibitively high unless managed by specialists
  • There are few reputable financial portals and investment vehicles available
  • Digital asset funds require dynamic and responsive management systems which traditional financial infrastructure cannot provide
  • Digital asset markets and cryptoeconomics is an emerging field with few bonafide experts
  • Digital asset markets are unregulated in many parts of the world and are an easy target for fraud and ponzi schemes
  • Most asset valuation techniques don’t apply to distributed ledger protocols
  • Reliable banking is difficult to find and presents barriers to entry for investment using fiat currency


Benefits of Structured Investing

  • The risk associated with any investment is reduced by pooling together invested capital and appropriately distributing it across a balanced portfolio
  • Access to investments that a retail investor may not qualify for individually
  • Negotiating power is improved enabling better terms than are possible for individual investors
  • Structured investment vehicle allows investors the ability to adjust their portfolio to their changing needs or strategies
  • Shareholders are relieved of all administrative burdens associated with direct investments in any type of securities
  • It is expensive for an individual to purchase shares in a wide variety of companies, especially once the brokerage fees and minimum purchase amounts are taken into account
  • Funds use teams, technology and discipline to negate emotional bias


BaseTwo Capital Solutions

  • Offer a digital asset fund through strategic partnership between established financial traders and blockchain financial technology experts
  • Combine traditional risk management, reliability, and world class compliance with blockchain technology and cyber-security best practices
  • Outsource blockchain financial advisory and software development services to experienced partners
  • Create a seamless bespoke client experience to facilitate investment
  • Target financial institutions and family offices though our institutional fund structure
  • Enhanced due diligence to safeguard against cyber threats, fraud and ponzi schemes
  • Strong banking relationships in the US and worldwide
  • Adopt a philosophy of automation to reduce long term fee footprint
  • Algorithmic trading and risk management focus


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Big Data

Available big data on digital assets is growing at an exponential rate. With such an abundance of information there comes great opportunity for trade optimization. We use machine learning and statistical analysis to generate a competitive advantage.







Token Economy

Blockchains were created as a system distributed ledgers to store data and digital financial assets. The emerging token economy has changed the way we do business and has ushered in a new asset class with massive growth opportunity.







Institutional Capital

BaseTwo Capital uses a combination of cutting edge technology, sound strategies and tenured investment experience to operate a institutional grade fund for both US and Non-US investors. Our sound structure and strong service providers were selected to meet any institutional investment criteria.







Real Adoption

The world witnessed a flood of investment into the new digital asset economy.  In parallel, regulators are creating laws and environments to support institutional investment. BaseTwo Capital was built to compliantly chaperone this next wave of investment.












Our team is made up of tenured wealth management professionals and entrepreneurs